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Hunting Friends! My experiences hunting with Darrell have been nothing  short of super memorable. If you ever had the desire to be in the great outdoors, calling in bull elk or gobbling turkeys, then I suggest getting to know Darrell. He is very professional, personable, and works hard to see that his clients and friends do well whatever your hunting venture might be. I've had the pleasure of hunting with Darrell and have been successful every year. Call him, you'll be glad you did!  

~Greg Crippen

Mr. Gilks, I am writing to thank you for my recent successful hunt. As with my previous hunts with you, the accomodations  were comfortable, the food was good, the hunting area expansive and the game varied and numerous. Your skilled guides were light hearted, yet no-nonsense when it came to the things that mattered (I appreciated their, and your, attention to detail and safety) all took great care of me! I have met some great people during my hunts with you and would highly reccommend your serivces. Keep up the good work!

 ~Joe Stucky


My son & I have hunted all across Canada and the US, including Alaska and would rate your hunt at the top. I want to thank you for providing such a good hunt for my son and I this fall, we were both able to harvest a fine bull elk with our bows.  I was surprised at the number of bulls we saw on our hunt, it was simply amazing! We chose  the 1 guide for 2 hunters plan and were completely satisfied with the quality of guide you provided, he was a very good hunter, knew the country well and was very responsive to our thoughts and needs. Another important part of any hunt is being comfortable at camp and having tasty and nutritional meals, again scoring high with us regarding food and accommodations. You certainly know what your doing and do what you say you are going to do, I hope we can hunt with you again soon!

 ~Tony Langham

I have hunted a number of years with Darrell Gilks and have found all the guides to be very knowledgeable and experienced. The hunting area was private and provided excellent hunting conditions. I would highly recommend booking your next hunting adventure with Darrell 

~John L. Perpar

Previously to being introduced  to Darrell Gilks and his crew I had only ever hunted locally with family and friends. I didn't know what to expect but after 2 days  on the road my cameraman and I arrived at camp in Colorado, where we were greeted by Darrell  & crew. Immediately we knew that we were going to become great, long time friends. We knew after the first night that if the hunting was as good as the food and the company we were in, this week was going to be great, Darrell didn't let us down. Within a short period of time I harvest my first elk, and a beautiful mule deer, The guide knew every trail within their huge property and with great confidence  lead us to beautiful animals. Before we left camp we made plans to return. The only change we made the next year was instead of the long drive we hopped a plane! The friendships were stronger, the food even better and the animals were even bigger! Both my photographer and I harvested beautiful elk the crew made every effort to ensure that our hunt was successful both on the ground and in camp, I am very confident that we will be hunting with Darrell & crew for many years to come and would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to hunt with them to go. Thank you Darrell for a wonderful experience and we look forward to many more memories!

~Darren Lindgren

Hunting Tips & Things to Know ~ To All Hunters

Please remember that a person born on or anytime after Jan. 1st, 1949 must have completed an approved Hunter Safety course. This course must be sanctioned by a state before being able to purchase any hunting license in Colorado.  You must present an original hunter safety card to purchase a license unless in the computer as previously verified by the State of Colorado. Hunters must carry this card with your license. This is very important as many non-residents bring a state hunting license from other states this will prove they have hunted before and have experience. You can have all the experience in the world but without your hunter safety card you will not be able to buy a license to hunt, a terrible disappointment to watch your friends hunt while you play solitaire at camp, bring your Card!

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