Hunting at it's Best...


This is about as good as it gets. The month of September, great weather, great ranch, excellent guides & lots of bugling bulls. Bulls are in rut and the action is non-stop! The only thing that beats calling in a big tom turkey is calling in a trophy bull. This is as exciting as it gets. Some bulls come in quiet and other some in to our calling screaming and raising the devil, bugling, raking trees and blowing snot, full of testosterone! Can't say enough about these 5 day hunts at this time of the year, they are golden memories for a lifetime.

Been a bow hunter since I was 16  years old, compounds were not even on the drawing board back then. Allen and Jennings entered the scene and look what is has become...Call Darrell for information or to hold your spot today! 970-209-0900 ...Hope to see you in camp!

​Deer Hunts ~

Our deer hunts take place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rifle hunts. They are five full days long and are draw hunts where you apply for a license before April. This hunt is full service with guides, food and lodging.  Our deer hunting is excellent as the deer pictures will show. Our wish is that you will only harvest a large mature buck to let the younger bucks grow up. Spot & stalk is how we hunt these bucks as our ranch allows us to glass and to locate. Bucks start joining the does and we always keep our eyes on the groups of does as they draw the bucks out. This is an enjoyable hunt that we look forward too. Its a great time of the year come join us for a great time. Call Darrell on dates... 970-209-0900

Rifle~ Elk

Our rifle elk hunts take place on the 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th rifle hunts. All our hunts are 5 full days and our draw hunts are pretty easy to draw. Not all of the hunts are draw hunts. Applications must be made before April 5th and Darrell will make these applications for you. This is a full service hunt with guides, food & lodging. Our elk hunting is very good with percent of  kill being very close to 100%.  Spot & stalk and a few drives in certain areas are how we hunt these bulls. In the first season (elk only) the bulls will still be bugling and that helps us zero in on them. Second season we hear and occasional bugle as unbred cows maybe coming in estrus and sets the bulls off again. An exciting time of the year, we hope you'll join us! Call Darrell 970-209-0900 for information and dates...

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